Wednesday, 25 May 2022

May Roundup - Epic, Space Hulk, Grimdark Future

Fairly busy May considering juggling holidays and work.

I started by picking up some Slaanesh Knights (finally!) for Epic, and along with a fresh pot of Emperors Children pink (terrible paint to work with!) I set about painting, using the White Dwarf article on them as a reference as I was struggling to work out what bits were what (very Slaanesh!).

while the palatte was wet, I figured some old school chaos dreadnaughts would compliment them, as well as some Blackstone Fortress Spindle Drones, which I'm going to proxy as Defilers.

As a wee cleanser I repainted my old Ultramarines Thunderhawk to join my Blood Angels and gives me a flight of 3 'modern' ones for future games.

Some Epic 40k Era plastic Chaos Marines in the form of Berserkers and Noise Marines also crossed my path and chucked some paint on them... (I'm not massively happy with the effort here, but they are fine for now)

I then moved back up to 28mm and finally re-painted my Grey Knight Terminator from my childhood. Much happier this time around. This then sparked a Space Hulk/Grimdark Future mind worm and i picked up some new plastic Termies and weapons and magnetised the lot for different load outs.

Next up, I've got more Slaanesh Knights to finish off, and then I'll probably take a short break, maybe circle back around and do some Bolt Action...


  1. Loving the Slaaneshi knights and additions to your epic forces!

    The multipart terminators also turned out really well and the muted colours give them a really gritty look that suits wandering around a space hulk in the gothic future. The cold glowing effect on the weapons and eyes really complement them too.

  2. Cheers! Yeah i'm really enjoying breaking up the scales/colour palattes to keep things exciting for me.